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2nd AC's/Clapper Loaders | Conor McCormick
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Marv Film Productions Argylle (Dailies Trainee) George Richmond Dave Cozens
Pulse Film Popstar - Youngen Alexandre Jammin Chris Hayden
RTE & Tailored Films X Marks the spot Richard Kendricks
Promenade Films Pikeman (TVC) Kevin Treacy Sarah Dillon
Screen Ireland Signal Burschi Wojnar Stephen Hayden
Carbonated Comet Sentinel James Mather Laurent Murray
StoriCreative Tesla For Everyone Luke Jacobs Conor McCormick
IADT Still Life Alfie Hollingsworth Philip Ledingham
IADT Prison Love Alfie Hollingsworth Philip Ledingham
Circuit board Productions Pernicio Alfie Hollingsworth Laura Horgan
Carousel Productions Triton Casino Sarah Dillon
IADT Pandemonium, Inside the Amy G Dala Eilis Doherty Conor McCormick
Independant Johnny Climax Robin J Kavanagh Conor McCormick
IADT Kandice Robin J Kavanagh Conor McCormick
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