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1st AC's/Focus Pullers | Tamia Diaz GBCT
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Buffalo Pictures Doc Martin Season 10 - Block 4 (2022) Simon Archer BSC
An Abundantia Entertainment Prod Neeyat (2022) Andrea Neo
To Be Continued Productions LTD To Be Continued (2022) Max Sneds/Diana Olifirova
Make Waves Productions Blue Carbon (2022) Hugh Campbell
Wingarm Ltd Brushing out the Curls (2022) Matt North
Compulsory LTD Nightmare on Wax (2022) Jerry Amadi-Pradon
Dancing Ledge Productions Crossfire (2022) Laurent Bares
Untold NIKE What’s Emma Raducanu working on? (2022) Joe Douglas
Pulse Films Gangs of London Season 2 (2021) (Day Calls, C-Cam) Petrus Sjövik, Björn Charpentier
Neal Street Productions Call the Midwife Season 11 (2021) Toby Moore, Damian Daniels
The Forge (Marriage) Marriage (2021) Ali Asad
House of Greenland HYUNDAI X TATE - Anicka Yi Diego Indraccolo
Kudos Grantchester Seven (2021) (Day Calls) James Swift
Warner Brother Avenue 5 - Season 2 (Day Call) Zac Nicholson
Hatch Here we Flo 'Period Drama' Marianne Williams
Black Cap Films Xfinity 'The Best Effect' Diego Indraccolo
Fast Shadows LTD/ Sky Entertainment Daylight Rules (2021) Yinka Edward
Three Chimneys Films Ltd Railway Children Return (2021) Pick-ups Stuart Graham
Bron, Headline Pictures Call My Agent 2021 (Double Banking) Mark Waters, Simon Tindall
Stink Films BP 'Life's Journeys' Simon Chaudior
Amazon/Peripheral productions Doon Bug (Day Call) Stuart Howell Assoc BSC
Big Talk Offenders LTD The Offenders: Season 2 (2021) Nick Martin
The Forge (Elizabeth) Becoming Elizabeth (2021) Tony Miller (GSUnit: Jeremy Hiles OP)
Urban Myth Studios Extinction (2021) Richard Stoddard (SprinterDoP: Stuart Breton)
Los Nothing Jungle (2021) Chaz Appeti
Helicopter Film Services Bizzarrini Millbrook (2021) Richard Blanshard
TGB Television Limited The Girl Before (2021) (Day Calls) Eben Bolter BSC
Anakle Films, Nigeria The Black Book (2021) Yinka Edward
My Accomplice/XsPosure Pale Waves - 'YDOM' Reshoot (2021) Catherine Derry
Object and Animal Tiberius B- 'Big Deal' (2020) Zoe Que
BBC Emerging Talent Production Backbone (2020) Michael Filocamo
Wingarm Ltd, Manchester Baba (2020) Michael Filocamo
Studioknxx Breath (2020) Pablo Rojo
Independent Production PUSH (2020) Tania Freimuth
Blind Mango Productions MISS (2020) Tania Freimuth
Channel 4, Rebellion Army False Indigo (2019) Tanmoye Khan
Universal Studios Love Happens (2008) - Splinter Unit, Seattle Michael Fitzmaurice
TNT Productions Leverage (2008-09) David Connell
Follow the Profit LLC Follow the Profit (2007) Walt Lloyd, ASC
Brightlight Picutres Inc 88 minutes (2007) - Splinter Unit, Seattle Uta Briesewitz, ASC
Millenium Films Loney Hearts (2006) Peter Levy, ASC, ACS
North West Film Forum Police Beat (2003) Sean Kirby
Milkey Way Productions - Hong Kong Finding Mr Perfect (2001) Ross Clarkson, HKSC, ACS
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