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Archers Mark Ltd Honda (Commercial) Luke Palmer
Mad Ruffian Douwe Egberts (Commercial) Luke Palmer
Defunct Films Moley (Commercial) Catherine Derry
Cap Gun Grosvenor Square (Corporate) Luke Palmer
Working Title London Spy (TV Drama) Laurie Rose
H.S.I. Turkish Airlines (Commercial) Crash
MB Productions Listen to me Marlon (Documentary - Visuals) Ole Birkeland
Last Ten Ltd Noah (Promo) Catherine Derry
Marmalade Films Paddington (Additional Photography) John Sorapue
TMWKI The Man Who Knew Infinity (Feature) Larry Smith
Partizan British Legion (commercial) Steve Amis
Ecosse Films Girls Night Out Feature (Additional Photography) Steven Hall
The Prone Gunman The Gunman (additional photography) Flavio Labiano
Rattling Stuff Ibeyi (promo) Luke Palmer
Texture Bryan Adams (promo) Luke Palmer
JMS Anglian (commercial) Steven Hall
Modern Love Films Ltd Man Up (additional photography) Laurie Rose
Independent Films Dove (commercial) Richard Stewart
Mother Ian Poulter (commercial) Luke Palmer
Bill Films Prod Ltd. Bill (feature) Laurie Rose
The VFX Co. Amstel (commercial) Adam Hall
Uber 3M (commercial) Zoran Veljkovic
RSA (commercial) Jan Richter-Friis
Somesuch & Co Metronomy (promo) Arnau Valls
Ratlin Stick Kelloggs (commercial) Franz Lustig
Black Bear IG Ltd The Imitation Game (2nd Unit) Steven Hall
Tiber Films Catch Me Daddy (additional photography) David Proctor
Art Partner La Perla (commercial) Oliver Curtis
Marmalade Films Paddington (feature) Erik Wilson
Nicola Six London Fields (2nd Unit) Malcolm Mclean
Gillian Wearing We The Memories (short) Ole Birkeland
RSA Ronseal (commercial) Ole Birkeland
Pulse Films 20,000 Days On Earth (additional photography) Ole Birkeland
Pulse Films Boots (commercial) Luke Palmer
Another Film Company Ford (commercial) Adam Hall
FP Creative Jaguar (commercial) Tim Green
Pinewood Films The Riot Club (feature) Sebastian Blenkof
JHS AHI (commercial) Steven Hall
World Productions Nightshift (short) Ole Birkeland
ITV Breathless (dailies) Tim Palmer
RSA Travis (promo) Luke Palmer
JHS AHI (commercial) Steven Hall
RSA Cheesestrings (commercial) Ole Birkeland
RSA KFC (commercial) Ole Birkeland
RSA The Phone Call (short) Ole Birkeland
Pretzel Axe (commercial) Sarah Bartles-Smith
Red Bee Nick Grimshaw (ident) Ole Birkeland
RSA KFC (commercial) Ole Birkeland
Root Beanstalk (commercial) Sara Deane
Rokkit Beko (commercial) Luke Palmer
Sprout Pictures Cargese (short) Ole Birkeland
Pulse Films Laura Jansen (promo) Gerry Vasbenter
BBC Luther (drama) John Conroy
Soho House Group Electric Cinema (commercial) Ian Howes
RSA Step Change (commercial) Ole Birkeland
Partizan Sony (commercial) Pau Castejon Ubeda
BBC Frankie (dailies) Sam McCurdy
Buddy London Queensgate (commercial) Luke Palmer
Independent Films Rae Morris (promo) Sam Brown
MPC Game (commercial) Luke Palmer
Serious Pictures HSBC (commercial) Dan Trapp
OSM One Square Mile (short) Andrei Austin
ROH Royal Opera House (commercial) Mark Adcock
Root Sony (commercial) Sara Dean
RSA KFC (commercial) Richard Mott
Christi HQ Paralympics (short) Luke Palmer
Cowboy Films How I Live Now (feature) Franz Lustig
Yellow Sun Ltd Half Of A Yellow Sun (dailies) John De Borman
Primal Pictures Sigor Ros (promo) Ole Birkeland
Pretzel Films Blackberry (commercial) Sarah Bartles-Smith
Moxie Pictures McDonald’s (commercial) Ross McLennan
RSA GT Bank (commercial) Ole Birkeland
Agile Films Accenture (corporate) Luke Palmer
Aardman Animations Lysoform (commercial) Sarah Bartles-Smith
RSA Flora (commercial) Ole Birkeland
Daffodil Productions The Fold (feature) Luke Palmer
A-Z Films Little place Off Edgware Rd (short) Luke Palmer
Staple House Skepta (promo) Joe Dyer
Gunslinger Offender (feature) Richard Mott
White Lodge Kenzo (commercial) Bjorn Bratberg
The Mill Nike (commercial) Ross McLennan
Angry Badger Pictures The Magnificent Eleven (feature) Ian Howes
Sterling Pictures Ltd Scar Tissue (feature) Alan Dunlop
Saloon Films Crystal Fighters (promo) Mat Fischer
Serotonin Films Comedown (feature) Trevor Forrest
Outsider Welcome to Leathermill (short) Kate Ried
Somesuch Coca Cola (commercial) Ross McLennan
Partizan Visa (commercial) Mattias Rudd
Halo Media LoveHoney (commercial) Sarah Bartles-Smith
Wyld Stallions Enrapture (commercial) Sarah Bartles-Smith
RSA Centre MK (commercial) Ole Birkeland
RSA Highland Spring (commercial) Ole Birkeland
RSA Nestle Purina (commercial) Ole Birkeland
Darlow Smithson Stephen Hawking’s Universe (documentary) Ole Birkeland
Root Productions Cartoon Network (ident) Sara Deane
Red Lion Films Jack The Giant Killer (Dailies) Newton Thomas Sigel
CinemaNX Ashes (additional photography) Christopher Ross
Kudos Spooks (dailies) Adam Gillham
S.Kids Demons Never Die (additional photography) Ian Howes
Auther Cox Eight Minutes Idle (feature) Sarah Bartles-Smith
Capriol Films In Love With Alma Cogan (feature) Ole Birkeland
Angry Badger Pictures Mercenaries (feature) Ian Howes
UK Film Studio Cleanskin (feature) Ian Howes
Lionsgate Keith Lemon (short) Mark Adcock
Fatal Black Hard Boiled Sweets (feature) Sara Deane
Typhoon Die Anstalt (drama) Constantine Kesting
Phoenix Film Edel & Stark (drama) Sandro Eichler
Big Fish Productions Ritter Sport (commercial) Daniel Bose
Grundy UFA GZSZ (drama) Ulli Kohler
Braintain Film Productions Braindogs (short) Bernhard Wagner
Big Fish Productions Klubbingmann (commercial) Felix Storp
Final Touch Film Productions Nescafe (commercial) Peter Mezer
Little Big Bear Films Taking Sides (feature) Lajo Koltai
Gemini Film Joe & Max (feature) Sonke Hansen
Großstadtträume RTL (drama) Constantine Kesting
Grundy UFA Mallorca (drama) Constantine Kesting
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