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1st AC's/Focus Pullers | Charlie England
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Academy [Not Disclosable] (35mm commercial) Chayse Irvin, CSC
Independent AXE (digital commercial) Ben Davis, BSC
Spike Jonze/Frank Ocean/Felt Hammer Frank Ocean Tour (12 cam multiformat - Key 1st AC) Spike Jonze & James Laxton ASC
Rattling Stick Not Disclosable Ben Davis, BSC
Moonwalk/Park Pictures Nespresso (digital commercial) Robert Elswit, ASC
Somesuch John Lewis Christmas 2015 (digital commercial) Andre Chemetoff
Imperial Woodpecker L.A. Apple (digital commercial) Antonio Paladino
Thomas Dane Gallery Steve McQueen installation for Venice Biennale Mark Wolf
Iconoclast Kanye West/Steve McQueen (digital music video) Mark Wolf
Rattling Stick Nike Brasil World Cup 2014 (Alexa commercial) Toby Irwin
Warner Bros Edge of Tomorrow 2nd Unit days (35mm Feature) Fraser Taggart
D & V Management Adidas Team GB 2012 (Alexa & Phantom) Simon Chaudoir
Spring Fashion Film Target (Epic commercial) Simon Chaudoir
Nice Shirt/David Sims Zara (Alexa commercial) Arnaud Potier
Nice Shirt/David Sims Miu Miu (Alexa commercial) Simon Chaudoir
Stuber Productions 47 Ronin 2nd Unit (Alexa 3D feature) Fraser Taggert
Partizan Take That (35mm promo) Magni Agustsson
RSA Duran Duran (35 + 16mm promo) Erik Sohlstrom
Hungry Man Sky+ HD (35mm + D21 commercial) Simon Chaudoir
Cherry Leona Lewis/Avatar (35mm promo) Simon Chaudoir
BBC Survivors (35mm tv drama) Nigel Willoughby
HSI Razorlight (16mm promo) Adam Frisch
Bedford Falls Defiance (35mm feature) Eduardo Serra, ASC
Thomas Thomas Apple (35mm commercial) Bob Pendar-Hughes
HSI Pharrell Williams (16mm promo) Luke Scott
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