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Grips | Jem Morton
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Bikini "Westlife" Denzil Armour- Brown
Sky "Movie Promo" Tim Green
Sky "Cricket" Karl Watkins
Independant "The Concretes" Martin Rue
Blink "Dove" Tim Green
APT "Deep Water" Doco Nina Kelgrin
Blink "Halifax" Tim Green
H.S.I "Sean Emmanuel" Dennis Madden
Sky "Sky News" Tim Green
Red B "Crime @ 9"
Academy "Enya" Fredrik Callinggard
Rogue "RAC" Baz Irvine
Believe "Vimto" Dennis Crossan
Independant "Axe" Simon
RSA "Frolick" Tat Radcliffe
Outsider "McDonalds" Simon Chaudoir
Flextech "Ultimate Fighter" Shane Daly
Independant "Concretes"
Outsider "Old El Paso" Tat Radcliffe
Therapy "Lombard Direct" Tat Radcliffe
Independant "Alton Towers" Christian Loubek
Flextech "Most Wanted" Shane Daly
HLA "Artic Monkeys" Tom Townend
H.S.I "Snow Patrol" Tom Townend
Hotspur & Argile "N- Power" Dennis Crossan
H.S.I "Nike" Don Davies
ITV Creative "Celeb X-Factor" Tim Green
"Strainghtheads" Feature (pick-ups) Harris Sambaloukas
Sky "Cricket Writers" Tim Green
Believe "Embrace" Dennis Crossan
Sky "Sky Vegas"
Blink "Cif" Tim Green
Independent Apple iPod
Eagle Eagle Rock
Metro ITV
Passion Gordon's Gin Olivier Cariou
The Best Man
Serious Promo Ben Smithard
Oil Factory Idle Wild
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