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Camera Operators | Catharine Brown
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Mammoth Screen/Britbox Why Didn't They Ask Evans? Dailies Hue Laurie Dop John De Borman/Mika Rasmaa
Truham Boys /Netflix "Heart Stopper" Dailies Euros Lynn Dop Diana Oliforova
Scandal Productions/ BBC "A Very British Scandal" Daily (Wheels) Anne Sewitsky Dop Si Bell
BBC/Apple TV "Trying" S2 A Camera 2 weeks cover Jim O'Hanlon
Eggplant Films "Independents Day". Op/Dop Heart of Hast Caoimhe O'Gorman/Catherine Donaldson
Dundaniel/Helen Selka "Dundaniel" independent short op/dop Helen Selka
Damselfish 22:22 (b cam op) Charlotte Ginsborg
Next of Kin "Robbie Williams 25". Documentary( on go Lindy Heymann
HLA Save The Children (Jordan Leg) B cam op Producer Mike Wells
Mallinson Television Womens HIV Awareness "HIV is just a part of m Jon Sykes
Fat Lemon Tena/Guardian Lab Mehreen Ahmed
Recipe London Sky x Persil Film 1 Pete Roe
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