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Camera Trainees | Luca Parasiliti-Holt
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CBBC 'Hetty Feathers': Season 5 TV Drama Peter Butler
Studio Lambert 'The Feed' TV Drama (Dailies) Eben Bolter
Passionflix Films 'The Protector' Feature Film (Dailies) Denis Maloney (ASC)
BBC Three 'Famalam' TV Drama (Prep Dailies) Ross Mitchell
BBC 'Ghosts: Season 1' TV Drama Will Hanke
ITV 'Beecham House' TV Drama Neils Reedtz Johansen
Little Island Summer of Rockets Ashley Rowe (BSC)
BBC Almost Never Steven Lawes
'Avengement' Feature Film (Dailies) Jonathan Hall
BBC 'Apple Tree House: Series 3' TV Drama Kelvin Richards, Gabi Norland
Compulsory Viewing Dazed x Mykki Blanco 'Whypipo' Short Dra Joel Honeywell
My Accomplice 'Easy Life - Frank' Music Promo Diana Olifirova
Roughcut Productions 'Trollied: Season 7' TV Drama Luke Bryant
Netflix 'The King' Feature Film Adam Arkapaw (ACS)
Sky Atlantic 'Britannia': Season 2 TV Drama Si Bell
BBC Grafton House 'Silent Witness': Season 22 TV Drama Jan Richter Friis (DFF)
Tiger Aspect 'Bounty Hunters: Season 2' TV Drama Daniel Bronks
Peracels Productions 'Through A Dark Mirror' Feature Film Hugo Tickler
N/A 'Snatch' Short Drama Tom Doran
Zebrafish Media 'Party Monster' Short Drama Nick Lee-Shield
Some Such Productions 'Jerk' Short Drama James Blann
Great Guns Productions 'Nowness - Jabulani' Short Film Diana Olifirova
Firepit Productions 'Plan B - Lyric Videos' Music Promo Dan Lobos-Pires
Simply West Productions 'Amavas' Feature Film Amarjeet Singh
Candle & Bell Limited 'Strange Cities Are Familar' Short Drama Diana Olifirova
NFTS Production 'Kodak - Bad Bag' Spec Promo Natalja Safronova
NFTS Production 'Not On The High Street - Nativity' Spec Jonny Flint
Weeble Films 'Last Is First' Short Drama Ondrej Rybar
NFTS Production 'Stella McCartney' Spec Commercial Bertrand Rocourt
Infinite Films 'Games Workshop' Spec Commercial Gavin L. Fry
Hogarth Worldwide 'Nitto - Denko' Commercial Charlie Ponniah
Zebrafish Media 'Press To Meco' Music Promo Nick Lee-Shield
Zebrafish Media 'Scrable' Short Drama Robbie Bryant
Genesis Child Films 'Once An Old Lady Sat On My Chest' Short Jerry Pradon
Zebrafish Media 'Misophonia' Short Drama Robbie Bryant
Zebrafish Media 'Striplight' Short Drama Robbie Bryant
NFTS Production 'Formless Vanities' Short Drama Jonny Flint
Megatopia Films 'The Flood' Feature Film Jon Muschamp
Weeble Films 'Lockerbilly' Feature Film Ondrej Rybar
Zebrafish Media 'Waiting' Short Drama Robbie Bryant
Zebrafish Media 'Hers - Speed Racer' Music Promo Robbie Bryant
Wordsmith Entertainment 'Three Dots and a Dash' Feature Film Suresh Bhargavwa
Zebrafish Media 'Chase Distillery' Commercial Craig Dean Devine
UP Productions 'Traces Of A Soul' Short Drama Luca Ciuti
Zebrafish Media 'Lemon - Freak' Music Promo Luke Biggins
Zebrafish Media 'Alicia Olivier - Lovers' Music Promo Guy Davies
Zebrafish Media 'Castrol - Magnatec' Spec Commercial Guy Davies
Zebrafish Media 'Emi McDade - Faith' Music Promo Stil Williams
Zebrafish Media 'Somie Sidhu - Dabbi' Music Promo Guy Davies
Zebrafish Media 'Internal Nike Advert' Jordan Buck
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