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2nd AC's/Clapper Loaders | Angela Garcia
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Mammoth Poldark V Simon Archer Neil Brown
Company Productions LTD Agatha Raisin Al Beech Tomoi Summers
Picture Farm Nike Will Bex Jessie Brough
Three act pictures Untitled Jack and Ellie (Dailies) Chris Ross Richard Jakes, FĂ©lix Pickles, Luke Selway
Pretty bird Spiritualized - Perfect Miracle Nanu Segal Tom McFarling
Nyela's dream Nyela's dream (2nd Unit) Sarah Bartless Smith Jessie Brough
Inspired Media Max Factor DA Amelia Hazlerigg
Across the pond Google - Cannes film Dan Holland Ian Coffey
Blindeye Drafty David Wright Jessie Brough
Haus Pictures Black Honey - Midnight Joel Honeywell Eve Carreno
Tangerine Always - Poverty Periods Nanu Segal Catharine Brown
PG Commercial Adidas Y-3 Amelia Hazlerigg
The Corrupted Richard Pott Andrew Bradley
Laura Holmes Productions Louis Vuitton Daniel Landin Catharine Brown
HLA Pampers - 12 Days of Christmas Catherine Derry
Eureka Bruno Major - Cold Blood (16mm) Murren Tullet
Across The Pond Google Bart Sienkiewicz Ilaria Fulvio
Generator Mr Sheen Luke Palmer Catharine Brown
BBC Silent Witness Jan Richter-Friis Jackson Taylor
Carnival Lucky Man 3 Si Bell Jonny Garwes
Drapsmann The Snowman (Additional Photography) Dion Beebe & Tom Townend Jon Mitchell
Partizan Dusky Gray David Foulkes Luke Jefferson
Agile Toothless David Foulkes Luke Jefferson
El capitan 90 Minutes Dominic Bartels Eve Carreno
BBC Films City Of Tiny Lights (2nd Unit) Feliz Wiedemann Steven Cornacchia
GHP Lycra Dad Frank Madone James Stormer
BFI Presents: King Lear Benoit Soler Jake McLean
Bentley Midsomer Murders Al Beech Anthony Sutcliffe
Itv Churchill's Secret Fabian Wagner Elliot Hale
Mammoth Endeavour 4 Ed Rutherford Rod Marley
Lucky Giant Quacks Ed Rutherford Joe Wright
Black Bull Films Elan Artist Bart Sienkiewicz Luke Jefferson
Squire I China Ahmet Husseyin Eve Carreno
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