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1st AC's/Focus Pullers | Martyn Culpan
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Tiger Aspect / BBC Peaky Blinders 6 (2nd Unit Daily) Mathieu Plainfosse / Mark Davenport
Mammoth Screen The Tower (B-Cam Dailies) Anna Patarakina
Eleventh Hour Films / Sky Magpie Murders (B-Cam Dailies) Anna Valdez Hanks
No Reservations Entertainment Iceland is Best - Feature - 35MM Dankuro Shinma
Amurco J-FLA: Good Vibe - Promo Joshua Reis
Content On Demand STRATA HOMES - Commercial Finn Varney
Tango and Cash L'ECHAPEE BELLE - Commercial Tobias Marshall
No Reservations Entertainment JCB/WILLIAMS: Grand Prix Idents - Promo Dankuro Shinma
Across the Pond PHILIPS: Hue Case Study - Commercial Sam Heasman
Catsnake VIRGIN: Beam - Commercial (B-Cam) Dominic Bartels
Rubber Republic YORKSHIRE TEA: Blessed are the Teamakers - Comm Davey Gilder
Ape & Bjorn Lake Over Fire (Vann Over Ild) - Feature Martin Radich
Seesaw Films / BBC Love, Nina - TV Drama (Second Unit) Tobias Marshall
I Have Heard the Chimes at Midnight - 35MM Tobias Marshall
Blindeye BAND OF SKULLS: So Good - Promo Davey Gilder
Parradise JLYY: Lungspace: Promo - 16MM Tobias Marshall
Daan PFIZER - Commercial Tobias Marshall
VCCP SMYTHS - Commercial Davey Gilder
Kode Media CHEVROLET: Ask Manchester United - Comm Davey Gilder
No Reservations Entertainment HEMYCA - Digital Skin - PROMO Dankuro Shinma
Welcome Home Films Host / Eve - Feature - Additional Photography Douglas Milsome BSC/ASC
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