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2nd AC's/Clapper Loaders | Martyn Culpan
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New Pictures The Spanish Princess S2 Look Test Maja Zamojda Pete Lowden
Believe Media Amazon: 'Stories' Tim Sidell / Marcus Domleo Ben Smith
Studio Lambert The Feed (Blk-4/5) A-Cam Dailies Carlos Catalan / Ed Moore BSC James Leckey / Jason Cuddy
Academy Films The Fall Tom Debenham Simon Lakos
Calamity Films Brassic (A-Cam dailies) Richard Stoddard Sarah Emmett Jones
Big Talk Productions Timewasters II (B-Cam Dailies) Sean Van Hales Steve Marles
Dancing Ledge Productions Porters 2 (TV) (B/C-Cam dailies) Clive Norman Michael Hannan / Jen Woods
Pulse Films BBC3 - Perfect Day 2 (Daily Loader) Ben Fordesman Ahmet Hussayn
Megaliflo Media The Lie of You (A-Cam) Brian Fawcett John Harper
Warp Films The Virtues (TV) Dailies 'B' Cam Nick Gillespie N/A
Loudon Productions / Netflix Outlaw King (Second Unit) Dailies Cosmo Campbell Heather Crompton
CBBC The Worst Witch II (B'Cam Dailies) James Moss Rob Finch
Blink Productions 'Babbel' Peter Suschitzky BSC/ASC David Penfold
Hoot Comedy Nokia: 'Bang' James Rhodes Vlassis Skoulis / David Penfold
Indo Films UK Kolayithur Kalam ('A' Cam) Cory Geryak Vlassis Skoulis
Bentley Productions Midsomer Murders XIX (B'Cam Dailies) Alan Beech Ben Gibb
Welcome Home Films Host (Additional Photography) Douglas Milsome BSC/ASC Vlassis Skoulis
CBBC Hetty Feather III (B-Cam Block One) Dominic Clemence Vlassis Skoulis
Indy 8 Triumph: 'Magic Boost' + 'Amourette Brian Fawcett Jono Moore
Hat Trick Productions Dr Thorne (B-Cam Dailies) Jan Jonaeus Mary Kyte
Acme Films Lawful Killing (A Cam Dailies) Will Hanke Roland C. Philips
Partizan J20 Presents: James Massiah + Orchestra (B-Cam) Brian Fawcett John Harper / Tim Morris
Mitchell-Brunt Productions Bait (Dailies) Geoff Boyle Gregg Smith
Gholam Poductions Gholam (A-Cam, Additional Photography) Dewald Aukema SASC Ben Smith
October Films Obsession: Dark Desires, Season 2 (Dailies) Robert Shacklady Rod 'The Vicar' Marley / Michael Hannan
Red Production Cucumber (B-Cam Dailies) Jake Polonsky Paul Hanning
Electric Candlelight / Universal Generic Interview 'Unbroken' Matias Nyberg Michael Hannan
Warner Bros. Edge of Tomorrow (Additional Photography, Dailes) Fraser Taggart Roger Bowles
Tangerine Films Range Rover vs Spitfire (C/D-Cam) Gary Young Roger Bowles
ITV Creative World Cup: "Fever Pitch" (A-Cam) Paul MacKay Chris Kane
Warp Films 71 (B-Cam Dailies) Tat Radcliffe Steven Gardner
5 Creative Isme '10" Practical' Gareth Munden Emilio Schlappi
Sunny Super Sound Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 (C-Cam UK, Dailies) Neha Parti Matiyana Roger Bowles
Epoch Steve Mason: 'Fire' Patrick Mellor Alice Hobden
Cinema One / Matador Pictures The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Box (Dailies) Unax Mendia Chris Williams
UK Film Studio Cleanskin (A-Cam Additional Photography) Ian Howes Karl Hui
Hardy Pictures Spanish Flu: The Forgotten Fallen (A-Cam) Douglas Hartington Leon Hoser
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