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2nd AC's/Clapper Loaders | Martyn Culpan
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Bentley Productions Midsomer Murders XIX (B'Cam Dailies) Alan Beech Ben Gibb
Welcome Home Films Host (Additional Photography) Douglas Milsome BSC/ASC Vlassis Skoulis
CBBC Hetty Feather III (B-Cam Block One) Dominic Clemence Vlassis Skoulis
Indy 8 Triumph: 'Magic Boost' + 'Amourette Brian Fawcett Jono Moore
Hat Trick Productions Dr Thorne (B-Cam Dailies) Jan Jonaeus Mary Kyte
Acme Films Lawful Killing (A Cam Dailies) Will Hanke Roland C. Philips
Partizan J20 Presents: James Massiah + Orchestra (B-Cam) Brian Fawcett John Harper / Tim Morris
Mitchell-Brunt Productions Bait (Dailies) Geoff Boyle Gregg Smith
Gholam Poductions Gholam (A-Cam, Additional Photography) Dewald Aukema Ben Smith
October Films Obsession: Dark Desires, Season 2 (Dailies) Robert Shacklady Rod 'The Vicar' Marley / Michael Hannan
Red Production Cucumber (B-Cam Dailies) Jake Polonsky Paul Hanning
Electric Candlelight / Universal Generic Interview 'Unbroken' Matias Nyberg Michael Hannan
Warner Bros. Edge of Tomorrow (Additional Photography, Dailes) Fraser Taggart Roger Bowles
Tangerine Films Range Rover vs Spitfire (C/D-Cam) Gary Young Roger Bowles
ITV Creative World Cup: "Fever Pitch" (A-Cam) Paul MacKay Chris Kane
Warp Films 71 (B-Cam Dailies) Tat Radcliffe Steven Gardner
5 Creative Isme '10" Practical' Gareth Munden Emilio Schlappi
Sunny Super Sound Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 (C-Cam UK, Dailies) Neha Parti Matiyana Roger Bowles
Epoch Steve Mason: 'Fire' Patrick Mellor Alice Hobden
Cinema One / Matador Pictures The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Box (Dailies) Unax Mendia Chris Williams
UK Film Studio Cleanskin (A-Cam Additional Photography) Ian Howes Karl Hui
Hardy Pictures Spanish Flu: The Forgotten Fallen (A-Cam) Douglas Hartington Leon Hoser
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